May 7, 2006


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I took my morning walk today figuring that, along the way, I would think of something I wanted to write about.  That’s how it often happens.  Today, however, I spent the entire walk humming tunes in my head and enjoying the beautiful weather.  That’s OK; I don’t mind thinking about nothing, particularly there has been plenty of Life 101 going on at the House by the Parkway lately.

The plan is to read a while, then take the short ride to the Post to hang with the Usual Suspects.  I missed last Sunday’s gathering of the Usuals because I was enroute from the Austin blogmeet.  With the Usuals, if you miss a week, you miss a lot, so it will be good catching up.

A special treat:  My friend Paulie will be there after having had some big-time heart surgery a couple weeks ago.  I don’t think he’s gotten his doc’s permission to have a few of his beloved Budweisers, but he’ll be there, and that way more than a good thing.

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