December 4, 2002

Manhole Coverology! Who Knew?

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On November 29, I wrote a bit about manhole covers. I had assumed that manhole covers are something that we don’t often notice and take completely for granted. I figured that the “we” in the previous sentence naturally did not include people who manufacture, sell, buy and install the heavy metal plates, but in the ensuing days I learned that the “we” also did not include lots of people who think a lot about manhole covers. Here’s a sampling:

Some people travel the world taking pictures of manholes. Some take artistic pictures..

One can buy furniture made from old manholes.

There are jokes that involve manhole covers.

One fellow has a web page dedicated to manhole covers. This page also shows that someone has written a manhole cover book!

Another person makes amazing models of manhole covers.

People make quilts patterned after the designs on manhole covers.

There is a good reason why these babies are round.

There are special tools to lift them from the holes they cover.

I learn something every farookin’ day.

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