December 27, 2002

The Real Fear Factor.

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Last night I watched the History Channel’s re-broadcast of The World Trade Center Special, which included dramatic photographs and video clips of that horrible day in 2001. The re-broadcast was every bit as unsettling this time as it was the first time I saw it. I think the History Channel should broadcast that program several times per year, and I think we would all do well to watch it each time it airs.

Slightly more than 15 months have passed since September 11, 2001, and, judging by what seems to occupying people’s minds and the collective mind of the press, I wonder if we are letting those horrible pictures slip away from our consciousness. It seems to me that far too many people are far too concerned with who their favorite “Survivor” is or what is the latest disgusting thing people will have to eat on the “Fear Factor” to get their 15 minutes of fame. Those who consider themselves too sophisticated to wonder who will booted off the island or who will actually be able to gobble down all their allotted number of reindeer testicles, spend far too much time worrying about which Senator made what lame-brained remarks in any given week.

I think we should all focus on the Real Fear Factor:

There are people in world, cut from the same cloth as the 9/11 terrorists who, given the chance, would happily kill you and me and our children simply because we are Americans.

Their willingness to kill us knows no political parties. They hate democrats, republicans and independents alike.

Carrying peace signs (as if you have a monopoly on wanting peace) won’t get you a pass from them. They hate you too.

They do not distinguish between military and civilian targets. We are all their enemies.

They don’t mind dying in the process of killing you and me and our children.

They WILL strike again.

This all seemed quite clear on September 12, 2001. I worry that we are forgetting what we must never, ever forget.

And if you are one of the American-brought-this-on-itself crowd, consider this a cyber spit in your eye. I suggest you consider living elsewhere. Try Saudi Arabia on for size.

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