February 9, 2003

Unbelievable! I came across

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Unbelievable! I came across this site via The Presurfer. For a mere $100.00, this Swedish Company will prepare and provide a phony photo ID. The site refers to them as “Novelty ID’s,” and requires each of its customers to execute a copy of ridiculous “Terms and Conditions,” which the site refers to as a “Disclaimer.” I took a look at the “samples” (which are, according to the Company, intentionally blurred to prevent people from copying the samples directly from the site), and they appear to be driver’s licenses from each of the fifty states. I can tell you that the one for New Jersey appears to be an exact duplicate of a genuine New Jersey driver’s license. Check out the version for your particular state.

As for the legality of all this, the Swedish company states in its FAQ, “Yes, doing what we do is legal. What YOU do with your purchase defines legality. We don’t advise any actions with these ID cards. They are custom made novelty ids to be enjoyed for entertainment purposes! You are legally allowed to own a novelty id”

Can anyone tell me (with a straight face) what a “novelty ID” is, and why one would spend a hundred bucks to get one? Perhaps it is legal in Sweden to produce “novelty” (i.e. counterfeit) New Jersey driver’s licenses, but offering a counterfeit license as proof of identity violates New Jersey law, and it may well be (I will certainly check) that mere possession such a document violates New Jersey law. It goes without saying that setting up an operation like this in New Jersey would land these folks in the slammer.

Can it possibly escape the attention of these Swedish creeps that a photo driver’s license is the document most often proffered by people in order to be permitted to board an airplane? Need I say more?

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