February 11, 2003

You’re a New Jerseyean

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You’re a New Jerseyean if….. The creator of this list (see below) states that you are a “New Jerseyan” if you can recognize or relate to at least ten of the items.

Let me say that I think it is a great list, but I don’t know anyone from here who would respond to the question, “Where are you from?” by saying, “I’m a New Jerseyan.” The proper answer to that question is, “I’m from Jersey.” Some might say that the proper answer really is, “I’m from Jersey, asshole. You got a problem wit dat? You writin’ a friggin’ book or somethin’?”

In addition, I think people who are really from Jersey should recognize or relate to at least 45 of the 55 items. Hell, you could relate to 10 of them just by hoppin’ on the Parkway for a ride down na Shore.

I scored a 53. So quit bustin’ my chops, and check out da list.

Cuban Coast Guard. I

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Cuban Coast Guard. I must have been busier this weekend than I had realized. Somehow I missed the story about the four members of the Cuban Coast Guard who sailed a thirty-foot Coast Guard boat into Key West in the middle of the night last Friday. They docked the boat at a hotel marina, came ashore at approximately 4 a.m., and turned themselves in to a local police officer. They were armed with a handgun and two AK-47 assault rifles. The U.S. returned the boat to Cuba, but is detaining the crewmembers for questioning.

This all happened on the day the country escalated the Terror Alert to “Orange.” It is more than a little unsettling to see that uniformed, armed members of a hostile country’s military can walk ashore in Key West, the home of a U.S. Coast Guard Station, and stroll down Duval Street. Homeland what?

As for the U.S. promptly returning the Cuban boat, I am sure that if Castro ever got his hands on a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter, he would return it to the U.S. just as quickly.

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