February 23, 2003

Sunday, Lousy Weather, Pings, and

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Sunday, Lousy Weather, Pings, and the French. It’s Sunday; it’s cold and it has been raining since yesterday morning, melting the large snowfall we had last week. Next comes the flooding. Can locusts be far behind?

Oh, yes. I succumbed to Rita’s prodding over at Res Ipsa and followed the directions provided in Amish Tech Support to manually ping weblogs.com after each posting. I think I have it right. We’ll see.

Finally, before I tend to some stuff I have to do, I wanted to direct your attention to an article that I came upon via Newmark’s Door. The article, by Jonah Goldberg, points out that the U.S. has only two problems with the French – what they say and what they do. Bingo!

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