July 28, 2003

How Many Blogs?

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Right We Are pointed to a post on Outside the Beltway discussing TTLB’s reporting of traffic statistics. TTLB tracks almost 3,600 sites. Of those, Outside the Beltway notes, there are 985 sites that have open Site Meter traffic statistics.

All this counting leads one to wonder just how many bloggers are out there (out here) plugging away.

According to information published at Blogcount, a site that is chock full of blog and blogger demographics, it turns out that the 3,600 blogs tracked by TTLB are but a tiny fraction of the estimated 2.4 to 2.9 million bloggers in the blogosphere. Imagine that. There are 2.9 million similarly situated nutbars out there (out here).

That would make one helluva long blogroll.

Parkway Rest Stop Logo.

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OK, here is the logo, but you may never see it where it belongs, because for two nights I have been pulling out my gott-damned hair (Did I mention that I have great farookin’ hair?) trying to get it to come up on the page correctly.

Right about now I am fresh out of patience, and I’d like to find the person who dreamed up HTML and hang my foot in his/her ass.


A Motorcycle for Spoons.

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Spoons recently received his motorcycle license and purchased a used Kawasaki. However, he has his sights set on something a little spiffier. This one is perfect. It is the Dodge Tomahawk. It boasts 10 cylinders, 500 horsepower, and will accelerate from zero to sixty in about 2.5 seconds (hold on!), with a theoretical top speed of 400 mph (really hold on!).

Unless Spoons is representing Kobe Bryant, he may need a weekend gig to pay for this silver beauty, which carries a price tag of $250,000.

Check out all the details here.

Link via The Presurfer

“Surefire” Way to Deal with Bad Drivers.

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So, you’re driving down the Garden State Parkway, doing a respectable 65 mph, when you notice, in your rear view mirror, some maniac weaving across four lanes, doing 90 mph. In a flash, the jerk is one foot from your rear bumper, but not for long, because he swerves to the right, then swerves back into your lane, cutting you off. He bolts into the left lane, where he tailgates someone who is already doing 75, until the lunatic does the same maneuver to the left lane guy, obviously set on breaking the sound barrier and endangering everyone else on the road in the process.

In those circumstances I find myself hoping that a state trooper catches this NASCAR driver wannabee idiot before he kills someone.

Well, if I had one of these specially equipped SUVs, I wouldn’t need no stinkin’ trooper. This also would be very nice to have on just about any day on Route 22.

Link via Country Store

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