May 15, 2005

Cars on my Mind.

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I was just talking to my buddy Paulie at the Post, and he showed me pictures of the ’67 GTO he has been refurbishing (I’m not sure that’s the right word) for years. He is re-doing the entire car from chassis up. The mondo-expensive paint job is now complete (candy apple red), and he had the bumpers chromed in some place in North Carolina. In a year or so it should be on the road, at least to car shows. It’s a beauty.

A friend of mine had a GTO in the sixties (I believe it was a ’66). I drove it a few times, and it was a killer.

With cars and car shows on my mind, I got a great kick out of this – a car cozy!

Via Cripes, Suzette.

Sunday With the Usuals.

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Spent the better part of the morning at Costco (God help me) and the liquor store picking up soda, beer and stuff for the Post’s Memorial Day Open House that follows the Memorial Day parade in town. I wanted to get it done today, because next week at this time, a good number of the Usual Suspects will be in Florida doing a lot of poolside sitting and a helluva lot of poolside drinking. I’m psyched.

Now, I just have enough time to read a chapter or two in a real book before I head over to the Post for the usual Sunday gathering of the Usual Suspects.

I’ll be home in time to watch Deadwood.


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