May 19, 2005

The Usual Suspects Do the Sunshine State.

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Usual Suspects Small.jpgYes, it’s true.

Tomorrow several of the Usual Suspects will convene in the Sunshine State. The Original Bill and the Quietly Sinister Linda have been in a different part of Florida for a week already, and they were joined on Wednesday by my friend and bodyguard, Ken, and The Deckmistress. I have already received a few only moderately coherent phone calls from them, one of which was from a place called “Bongo’s,” the selling feature of which is that it is crawling walking distance from where they are staying on the Gulf.

The foregoing four will meet us (Mrs. Parkway, Pat[ricia], the svelte, single Usual Suspect, and Yours Truly) at the Fort Myers Airport, and we will proceed to the place where we all have timeshares in Fort Myers Beach after the obligatory stop at Publix supermarket and the nearby liquor store for critical supplies. I believe that the guy in the liquor store where we make our annual stop has a wing on his house dedicated to the Jersey Vulgarians.

On Saturday, we will be joined by Usual Suspects Jeff (da Chef a da Future and one of the barkeeps at the Jersey Blogmeet) and his boss wife, Ms. Adie, the resolute non-flyer. Because Adie will not set foot in a plane, she and Jeff will be driving down from Jersey. The bonus is that Jeff has graciously agreed to transport my guitar in his car, sparing me from having to lug it onto the plane. By the time they arrive on Saturday afternoon, we will most certainly be well oiled, so I probably will should put off the guitar playing for at least a day.

We will also re-unite with other timeshare folks we have come to know and who come in from various places, including Indiana, Illinois and Washington State. It’s always great to see them and catch up.

By and large, we plan on doing loads of sitting around, drinking, swimming, drinking, bullshitting, drinking, ball breaking, drinking, overeating, drinking, and not much else. My kind of vacation.

So, dear hearts, I will be computerless and, therefore, blogless for a week, but I will see you again some time next weekend. In the meantime, behave yourselves. But, if you can’t behave yourselves, at least be careful.

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