May 16, 2005

New Digs.

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Christina has some fine looking new digs. Make the necessary adjustments to bookmarks and blogrolls.

Blog Western – Chapter Four.

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I finally found enough quiet time to read and thoroughly enjoy Kelley’s Chapter Four of the Blog Western. The lady can write up a storm. That’s for damned sure.

Next up, Eric.

I Ain’t Never…

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I found this over at Accidental Verbosity, and I had a bit of fun thinking about some of the things I have never done. During the ride into work, I thought that there really should be two lists; one comprised of things I have never done, but would like to do, and the other comprised of things I have never done and have no intention of ever doing.

Then I got to thinking, ”Yo, Jimbo. Don’t overthink the farookin’ thing. Just write a list of ten things, fer Chrissakes.”

So, here they are:

I have never …:
1. Ridden in a tank
2. Used an ATM
3. Water skied.
4. Driven a tractor
5. Milked (or even touched) a cow
6. Watched a single episode of: Dallas, The Waltons, or Desperate Housewives
7. Been able to stay awake during the movie Gone With the Wind
8. Been arrested
9. Been transported anywhere in an ambulance (knock wood)
10. Gotten an Instalanche.

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