February 7, 2008

Two Mondo Creeps.

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hillary-menendez.jpghillary-corzine.jpgI awoke this morning to find this news story about New Jersey’s Governor Jon Corzine and our U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, two well established Hillary toadies, each saying that the other would make a wonderful Vice President.

Of Corzine, Menendez said:

Corzine has the experience to lead the country on the major issues of the day — economic growth, health care and ending the war in Iraq.

I almost puked.

Then it was Corzine’s turn. He said:

Menendez has the ability to engage new voters in the political process.

Certainly the Governor was referring to Bob Menendez being Hispanic (although he was born and raised in New Jersey) and attracting Hispanic voters, but the truth is that if Bob Menendez engages new voters the way he did when he was a Hudson County political boss, he’ll simply pay them, give them a government job, or pluck their names from the cemetery rolls.

The good news for the country is that even Hillary Clinton is smart enough to realize that she needs either one of these guys on the ticket about as much as she needs a case of genital warts. The bad news for New Jersey is that we’ll be stuck with them for a while.

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