February 18, 2008

From Cruller to Fingers.

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No ground pound this morning, as I have a sore left instep (too much ground pounding?). Ergo, my blog thinking time was zip. As a result, you’ll get the direct connection between my cruller and my fingers as I sit here:

1. Right about now, I think the best gig in the world is to be a democrat party super delegate. I figure that if I were a super delegate, I could open the bidding between Barack and Hillary and end up with that house on the ocean I always wanted.

2. A word to the Chief Munuvian: I am really, really losing my patience. It’s happened a zillion times where, once having crafted a perfectly wonderful, literate, witty comment, I see it disappear to be replaced by an unreadable error message, or a message stating that comments are closed due to spammer activity.

3. I miss Acidman. The ‘sphere just ain’t the same without him.

4. I heard today on the radio that there is a pizza place in NY (Brooklyn, I think – feh!) that is charging four bucks for a slice. Four bucks? GMAFB!

5. I got lost yesterday on my way to a wake, despite using Google Maps and Mr. Tom Tom. I need a meeting. “My name is Jimbo, and I have the sense of direction of a piece of soft coal.”

6. I should not be surprised that virtually all national politicians are scum. After all, they are the same lemons who start out locally and work their way up through state politics.

7. Sharon Stone, the well-known expert on foreign policy, is a big hit in the Arab Press. Useful idiot.

8. Have you ever seen an episode of Project Runway? It is a freak show without the physical deformities. I must admit that I laughed out loud at the episode I saw. The best part is when a male designer-contestant cries when he loses. Second best is when the grey-haired Ueberflit sashays into the sewing room to tell the designers they only have five minutes left, and the designers freak out. Looked at another way, the show leaves no doubt that we are doomed.

That is all.

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