February 5, 2008

Hillary Snark, Etc.

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When it comes to Hillary snark, Suzette has hit the long ball. Check it out.

While you’re at it, take a look at this Jersey Blogger’s advice for the Republican Party in the general election. Good stuff.

New Jersey Goes for McCain.

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The polls were closed for about four minutes when New Jersey News (cable) called it for McCain.

I’m not surprised. One look at the state government, proves that the average New Jersey voter is about as stupid as a person can be and still manage to stand upright.

I Voted.

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I made it part of the morning ground pound to stop by the polling place and vote for Mitt Romney. Sure, I know what the polls say, but I figure if you base your vote on polls, you’re no better than the politicians who base their “positions” on the polls, which unfortunately, describes the current crop of candidates to one degree or another.

Still, sitting it out is not an option for me. The right to vote, paid for in blood by generations, is more important to me than any stinking politician.

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