May 19, 2008

Younghairboy – Nowhairboy.

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Some of you may recall, Jimbo wrote a post a few weeks ago about a website he enjoyed called “YOUNGME – NOWME,” in which (in his own woids), “people submit a picture of themselves in their youth (often as small children) alongside a picture of themselves as they appear today, often striking the childhood same pose.” Clicking on the link, I noted in the comments on how I did not see a before and after photo of Hairboy, hisownself.

There’s a reason for that, which I’ll get to shortly, and it’s not because the camera hadn’t been invented yet (I’m sorry, but anyone who would say that, that’s just mean).

What many of you peeps do not know, probably because he’s such a private, non-boastful kinda guy, is that Hairboy, currently a lawyer, wasn’t always the big shot attorney youse know and love, and in his yoot had to do some pretty heinous things on the way up to be able to afford to put himself through law school. I gotta hand it to the guy, in spite of a very checkered past, he’s really made a name for himself.

While I wasn’t able to get my hands on any still photographs of Hairboy in his yoot, Wiseass Jooette Operatives (think: the Boris & Natasha to PRS Operative’s Rocky & Bullwinkle) was able to obtain raw video footage of a Geico™ “celebrity” commercial Hairboy was paid about $20 to make, back before he was more famously (in Jersey at least) known as “Jimbo” but went by the stagename “Sal Cucco.”

Note: Due to F-Bomb droppage, this video — which, for some reason, WP isn’t letting me embed — might possibly be NSFW, so watch with caution.

Undoubtedly, this brief stint on the telly-vision served as the future fodder that helped create such PRS classics as “The Deer and Da Joisey Guy.” I know many of you are wondering, though: “Yo, Wiseass Jooette…Jimbo keeps a mostly anonymous web presence, so most of us don’t even know what he farookin’ looks like. How are we gonna even recognize him?”

Well, dear PRS readers, wonder no more, for Wiseass Jooette Operatives also managed to procure a recent snapshot of the guy, and lemme tell youse, he was not impressed. Without further hesitation, I give you a candid photograph of the former Sal Cucco-turned-Jimbo…but nowadays everyone just calls him “Paulie Stindeens.”

Most impressive. Am I right? I tell ya, though…what I don’t understand is why someone with such Great Farookin’ Hair™ would want to hide this magnificent bouffant from the rest of the world.

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