May 2, 2008

“Going to the Bathroom.”

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Think a minute about the idiomatic expressions, “going to the bathroom” and “went to the bathroom.”



Doctor: Are you having difficulty going to the bathroom?

Patient: No, I get there just fine, but once I’m there I can’t seem to shit.


Doctor: So, when you go to the bathroom, what color is it?

Patient: It’s this sickening pink with black trim that was popular in the sixties.


Joe: Jeez, I heard ol’ Ed was at work and he went to the bathroom in his pants.

Pete: Not exactly. He tried to go to the bathroom, but before he could get there he shit in his pants.


Q: Did you go to the bathroom in your pants?

A: I generally go everywhere in my pants.


The baby went to the bathroom in his diaper.

Yo, the kid’s three weeks old. He can walk?


Dammit, the dog went to the bathroom upstairs!

Huh? The bathroom is downstairs.

Conclusion: There simply is no accounting for why I think of this kind of goofy shit.

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