July 6, 2008

What Kind of Dog Would You Be?

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No, I’m not talking about those silly internet quizzes that ask “What Kind of Dog are You?” in which the reader is faced with several silly questions, the answers to which are matched up by someone (Christ knows who) to the characteristics of various dog breeds. These quizzes are right up there in silliness with “What kind of pie are you?” and “What kind of cheese are you?”

I’m also not talking about the curious (albeit anecdotal) phenomenon of the similarity of the faces of dog owners and their dogs.

I’m talking about some frank and sometimes difficult introspection, taking into account your temperament (as you know it to be) and your appearance in a full-length mirror.

Like most folks, the dog I would like to be and the dog I would be are not the same dog. I would like to answer the question by saying that I would be a tough, formidable Rottweiler, or an almost-regal German Shepherd. Perhaps a handsome Irish Setter (great farookin’ hair), or a sleek, Whippet.

Truth is that when I look in the mirror I must confess that if I were a dog, I would be a Corgi, bulky with short legs — built a bit like a fire plug. It used to bother me that I would be a Corgi, but having seen this little guy in action, I think I’m now OK with my Corginess.

So, fess up! What kind of dog would you be?

P.S. I took the silly quizzes: Dog=Beagle, Pie=chocolate, Cheese=Fiscalini cheddar.

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