July 12, 2008

Doctor Doctor Does Gotcha.

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Early yesterday morning I stopped by Doctor Doctor’s office so that he could check on how I’m faring with the Mother of All Summer Colds and the Eye Snot. Here’s how it went:

DD: So, how are you feeling?

Jimbo: Considerably better. Still a little fatigued, but I figure that will pass in a few more days.

DD: Good. How are your eyes feeling?

Jimbo: Much better. I’ve been doing the drops, and I have a few more days to go with them.

DD: (Looks into my eyes) Good. Are you having any trouble putting the drops in?

Jimbo: Funny you should ask. As a matter of fact, I’m not too good at that.

DD: Well, there is something new out that I could prescribe to you that should make it much easier for you.

Jimbo: Really? What is that?

DD: It contains the same active ingredient to treat your eyes, but it comes in suppository form.


DD: (shit-eating grin)

Jimbo: You’re shitting me.


Turns out that Doctor Doctor is also Blog Reader Blog Reader.

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