July 25, 2008

Media Flunkies.

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I have never bought into the baloney that we shouldn’t be in Iraq, because the “Real War,” the one worth fighting. is in Afghanistan. Of late, this has become an important part of Barack _________ Obama’s Dog and Pony Show. I came across ten questions that one would think a real reporter, rathen than a media cheerleader, would pose to Senator Obama. They are as follows:

1. Why does Senator Obama advocate a surge of troops in Afghanistan though he considers a surge of troops in Iraq to have been a mistake?

2. Why is a stable Afghanistan crucial to US interests while a stable Iraq is not?

3. How long does Senator Obama expect to keep troops in Afghanistan?

4. Why is an open-ended commitment in Afghanistan manageable while the same in Iraq is not?

5. How much does Senator Obama expect to spend rebuilding Afghanistan?

6. Why is rebuilding Afghanistan affordable while rebuilding Iraq is not?

7. Why does Senator Obama consider the ethno-sectarian issues in Iraq to be nearly intractable while in Afghanistan they are something we can overcome?

8. If leaving Iraq will make the Iraqi government behave more responsibly, how will an increased presence in Afghanistan affect the Afghan government?

9. Why does Senator Obama advocate a “surge in diplomacy” and multilateralism in Iraq while simultaneously advocating unilateral action in the Pakistani tribal areas?

10. How large of a “residual force” will be left in Iraq and for how long?

I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the questions, and if they are ever asked, I won’t be able to hold down solid food listening to the answers.

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