October 22, 2008

A Badly Needed Break.

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Yes, Peeps. Tomorrow morning, Ken, my friend and bodyguard, and I will toss our stuff in the trunk of the Caddy and head south to spend a couple days with some excellent bloggers and a few non-bloggers, many of whom have become close, personal friends over the years. I plan on making some new friends as well.

I will happily leave my computer home. We’ll listen to sixties music on satellite radio throughout the entire trip, and there will be no news and no campaign craziness — just music and bullshitting about nothing special. Sweet.

Once we and the others arrive, the serious blabbing will begin and will continue non-stop, accompanied by lots of adult beverages and punctuated from time to time with a bit of guitar pickin’, as the younger other half of the Elderly Brothers will be on the case. I suspect that more than a few games of pool will be played (I owe the Wiseass Jooette a righteous Jersey ass-kicking), a rocket or two will be launched and, weather and time permitting, we may put a couple hundred rounds down range (at a time during the day before the serious drinking begins).

Again, weather permitting, many will finish off the evenings sitting around a fire, exchanging goofy stories and, of course, drinking adult beverages.

I need it, big time.

See you in a few days. Play nice.

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