October 19, 2008


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I keep hearing that, with the passage of all the years between the time he set off bombs in federal and state buildings and now, William Ayers, who is not sorry for what he did, has become “rehabilitated.” I assume that he didn’t go to sleep one night an unrepentant domestic terrorist and wake up the next morning “rehabilitated.” Rather, I assume that his “rehabilitation” was a gradual process.

Wait a minute.

So, that must mean that this year Osama bin Laden, also an unrepentant terrorist, is a little bit less of a terrorist than he was last year and that next year he will be even less of a terrorist than he is now, and that with each passing year he becomes less and less of a terrorist until one day he will become “rehabilitated” and ready to host a high tea somewhere in the Upper West Side of Manhattan .

Someone call O.J., the unrepentant murderer, and tell him the good news, which is that if he lives long enough he won’t be a murderer any more.

Who knew?

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