October 10, 2008

Cancel a Celebrity’s Vote!

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In New Jersey, where a majority of the electorate is either brain dead or has a vested interested in keeping democrats in power (e.g. a government job, a government contract, the continued regular receipt of a welfare check), each election we Republicans dutifully march off to the polls, knowing that we may as well be pissing into the wind. “What’s the point?” we ask ourselves, but we vote, nonetheless, in order to virtuously maintain our bitching rights.

But, this election, Dogette has provided us with the opportunity to put some genuine joy into the otherwise gloomy process of voting. You can click on over to Dogette’s site and lay claim to the celebrity douchbag’s vote you want to cancel. What a perfectly splendid idea!

Don’t even think about claiming Bruce Springsteen, the phony-assed, marginally talented, reportedly smelly, pretend to be a working guy, Jersey singer (if one could call growling “singing”) and songwriter (if one could call his vapid crapola “songs”). His vote is already taken.

Go now. You’ll feel better. I promise.

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