February 20, 2009

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy ……

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Apparently longing to emulate the student protesters of the sixties, a group of NYU snot noses students staged a sit-in in a university cafeteria, complete with barricades and bullhorns (live blogged here). Among their demands were:

Annual reporting of the school’s operating budget, expenditures and endowment (transparency, don’t ya know)

Thirteen scholarships per year to Palestinian students

The donation of surplus supplies to the Islamic University of Gaza

Permission for graduate student teaching assistants to unionize

A tuition freeze (surprise!)

To its credit, the University was having none of it. Students were advised that if they didn’t leave the building, they would be suspended and possibly expelled. Some left, and others did not. Dozens of students were suspended, and non-student participants will be treated as trespassers.

If I were King, I would have sealed off all but one exit and waited for the students to come out one by one, and as they exited, I would have handed each one of them a notice of expulsion, reminding them that, in the grownup world, actions have consequences.

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