February 22, 2009

Executive Order Bans Publication of Ape/Monkey-Related Material

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Presidential Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced today that President Obama has signed an Executive Order in the wake of the publication of a controversial cartoon in the New York Post. Gibbs explained, “The Order is directed to the CEOs of broadcast and print media as well as Internet Service Providers and contributors to the internet.”

He quoted pertinent portions of the Order:

Effective immediately, any and all references to or depictions of any of the great apes or monkeys of any description is hereby prohibited as being contrary to the Administration’s goal of racial equality.

A PRS Operative asked whether the President considered the constitutionality of such a prohibition.

Gibbs responded, “We would expect a stupid question like that from a racist bastard like you.”

Details at eleven.

Possible Outage.

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Craig, the Nicest Guy in the Blogosphere, has advised me that he is moving stuff over to a new host. I don’t know if that will cause this place to go dark, but if it does, you will know the reason why.

That is all.

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