December 6, 2009

Texting at the State Dinner.

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PRS Operatives have learned that between bites of All Things Curry at the recent state dinner held for the Prime Minister of India, many guests were exchanging text messages. PRS’s proprietary technology permitted us to intercept some of the more memorable exchanges. Here is sample:

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi a/k/a “Pearl”

Pearl: Hey Hilly!

Hillary: Hey Pearl. How RU?

Pearl: Does this food suck enough?

Hillary: Damned straight, but U should C the crap I’ve been eating at some of the shithole countries I’ve been to.

Pearl: LOL! Wanna meet me in the ladies room? I brought some world-class blow with me; we could do a couple lines.

Hillary: Excellent!

Pearl: Besides, I have 2 get out of this chair. My ass is killing me.

Hillary: Wassup w/ that?

Pearl: I have a new pool boy.

Hillary: ??

Pearl: He’s Greek.

Hillary: LOL! Awesome. See U in 5.

Rahm Emmanuel and Joe Biden

Rahm:: Who’s the blonde in the red dress that was all over you like a cheap suit?

Biden: Her name is “Salami” or some shit. Says she’s the Queen of Farookistan.

Rahm: WTF?

Biden: Yeah, she’s a big cheese. I told her I’d plan an official visit to her country.

Rahm: Idiot! There is no country named Farookinstan!

Biden: Are U forgetting who’s the foreign policy expert around here?

Rahm: I damned sure f**king know who’s the f**king moron around here.

Katie Couric and Brian Williams

Katie: Hey, did U C how the President did the toast to the Indian guy?

Brian: U mean how he stuck a cocktail napkin to the side of the glass?

Katie: Yeah. He’s brilliant. That was awesome.

Brian: It really was. I’m going to do that from now on. He’s awesome.

Katie: I’m going to do that too. He really is awesome.

Brian: Very awesome.

Katie: He’s of the most awesome.

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