December 8, 2009

Today’s Stindeens Froster.

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I spent most of the day on autopilot, having been rendered somewhat catatonic by the news of the day, including reports of the assholes in the Senate (led by the utterly despicable Harry Reid) making it up as they go along in order to seize one-sixth of the U.S. economy in the guise of “Healthcare Reform,” not to mention the EPA’s intention to use the Clean Air Act of 1960 to declare carbon dioxide dangerous to human health. (We exhale carbon dioxide and the plants need carbon dioxide to live – details!)

Despite that, I was snapped out of my media-induced catatonia by the incessant Holiday Christmas commercials that turn well-known Holiday Christmas songs into goddamned jingles to sell widgets. It makes me hate the widgets and hate the bastardized Holiday Christmas songs as well. Hell, those jingles make me hate everyfarookin’thing.

I think I need a Holiday Christmas drink and some time with Mr. Recliner.

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