December 22, 2009

An Early Christmas Present.

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help-signAs previously discussed here, Dogette of Two Nervous Dogs and Laura of Fetch My Flying Monkeys have officially launched their new site in which they will provide advice on virtually any topic. They’re just that good. They will be assisted by the blogfamous Rachel Lucas of, well, Rachel Lucas. They are the Ones they’ve been waiting for.

So, if you’re wondering about what to do about that nasty carbuncle, or how to get your asshole brother-in-law to pay you the money he owes you; or, say, you’re racked with indecision as to whether you should buy that new Hyundai or take up snorting heroin, visit the Advice Asylum and fire off your question. Even if you’re too shy to actually ask for advice, you may well profit from the valuable advice these gifted ladies give, free of charge, to other people and the public at large. I found the child rearing advice to be particularly illuminating.

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