May 21, 2010

Vacation Update and Thoughts from the Original Bill.

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Well, one week of the vacation is over, and the bulk of the Usual Suspects winged it back to Jersey today. We joined them for breakfast at our regular pre-airport breakfast place, and it was more than a little sad to see them head off to fly home. We’ve always done this place as a group.

We are now here with The Original Bill and Sinister Linda, along with some excellent peeps from Washington State who we who have come to know over the years. I expect we’ll have a great week, which will include cocktails (surprise!) and lots of relaxing, and maybe even a bit of guitar picking.

Anyway, because I have essentially put my mind in neutral, I have decided to simply share some of the thoughts of The Original Bill, who is quite possibly the best on-the-fly cook on the planet and who is a guy who has always has an opinion or ten about things, which he doesn’t mind sharing. Here are a couple from just today:

On the Men’s Room at the Breakfast Place: “Men’s rooms at places that serve breakfast always smell like shit. It doesn’t matter how clean they are; they always smell like shit. That’s because women never shit outside the house, but men can shit anywhere. It’s a rule.”

On Beaches: “The sand is f**king important. I hate that grainy shit. The sand in Cape May is that grainy shit. I like Point Pleasant sand much better. It’s not that grainy shit. Besides, you’re not really at the beach unless you can see a Ferris wheel.”

I’ll keep my ears open, as I suspect there will be more to come.

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