May 10, 2010

The Army Stories Redux.

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Over the past few weeks, newcomers to this humble site have stumbled upon and read one or two of the Army stories and asked me how to find the other ones. I provided a link that I thought would direct them to all of them, only to realize that the links were taking them nowhere. I presume this was a result of a change in blogging software back then, but I’m not sure.

In any event, I fixed the link, but for those who asked and got bad information, I have listed links to the stories below. I had fun writing them. Enjoy.


Army Underwear.

“You Must Have Cheated!”

Test Day. The Sergeant, and the Wannabe “Remington Raider.

Army Glasses.

Night Infiltration and the Pathetic Mondo Kane Turtle.


Vertical Butt Stroke.

Sick Call.

K.P., The Great Lie, and the Potato Mountain.

Fort Dix Quickies.

Spit, Polish, Graduation, and Orders.

Fort Holabird or the Twilight Zone?

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