October 18, 2010

You Cannot……..

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You Cannot! from RightChange on Vimeo.

Via Moonbattery

October 17, 2010

New Jersey: It Ain’t Just Newark.

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I love New Jersey, even with all its warts. It never ceases to surprise me.

Today, I went to the Cranberry Festival in Chatsworth, NJ (Chatsworth? Yes, Virginia, there is such a place) The festival celebrates the annual cranberry harvest, New Jersey being the third largest cranberry-growing state in the Union. It is a huge hodgepodge of vendors, with an emphasis on everything cranberry. The event attracts about a gazillion billion people, so the best advice is to get there early so as to avoid parking a couple miles away from all the action,

We bought a bunch of local stuff, which a non-Garden Stater traveling anywhere near Newark Airport would never think you would find in Jersey.

Above, from left to right:

Wildflower Honey from the Mill Creek Apiary, Medford Lakes, NJ.

Cranberry Hot Sauce from Indian Mills, New Jersey. It turns out that cranberries and HOT work well together.

Aunt Maureen’s Homemade Blueberry-Walnut jam (Chatsworth, NJ)

Aunt Maureen’s Homemade Cranberry Jelly (Chatsworth, NJ)

Aunt Maureen’s Homemade Cranberry Sauce (Chatsworth, NJ)

I suggest you give the Cranberry Festival a visit. It’s nothing like Newark.

October 16, 2010


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Yes, today marked the anniversary of yet another trip around the sun for me. Last night, dinner with family at an excellent restaurant, where much champagne and other wines were consumed, and tonight, dinner (and cocktails, of course) with some of the Usual Suspects who ventured south for an evening of merriment.

It was a fine boitday.

October 14, 2010

All Points Bulletin.

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I hear that someone is actually watching these two knuckleheads.

I figure that this person must have stopped taking his (or her) meds and may be dangerous. We need to know the viewer’s name so that the authorities can be notified.

October 13, 2010

The Battle For America.

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Do me a fave, please.

Go here and watch all nine pieces, then pass the link on to everyone you know. If all this link stuff throws you a curve, here is the link for you to copy and paste into the emails to everyone you know who is scared shitless concerned about what this mob in Washington has in mind for this country.


Thank you.

October 12, 2010

Obama, the Styrofoam President.

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Doug Ross nails it.

October 11, 2010

“Treasured Memories,” or Wherein My Mother Reaches Out From the Grave to Crack me Up.

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Some of the things I inherited when my mother died about 16 years ago were a few dusty boxes of photographs. The boxes had resided in her attic for, well, … forever. After her death, the boxes resided in my basement until they were moved to the House by the Parkway (South).

A few days ago, I began the process of going through the photographs to see what was worth keeping, discarding the then-obligatory scenery shots, which with a black and white snapshot camera were almost always a waste of film. (Yes, “film.” Ring a bell?)

Anyway, when looking at old photographs, it’s easy to become lost in a bit of melancholy – images frozen from the past, when people, now dead, were alive and when those who are still alive are much older and beginning to consider what happens at the end of the line.

As I was lost in the nostalgic moment, I came across my sixth-grade class photo. It was an 8 x 10 picture of Mrs. Marshall’s class, professionally shot. If you wanted the picture, you brought your money into school and weeks later you would receive your photo. It came in a folder that looked like a single-picture album, which is to say that there was a thin cardboard-like cover, which when opened showed the photo framed in the same kind of thin cardboard-like material. The “cover” of the single-photo album bore the title “Treasured Memories.” Got it?

On the inside cover, as a sixth grader, I had written the name of each student who appeared in the photo. As I examined the photo, I was pleased to see that I could have named each kid without the help of the names I had written with a clumsy hand so long ago. Seeing all the faces and knowing that several of those pictured are no longer alive, I harkened back to the title of the album thinking that these were indeed “Treasured Memories.” I also thought fondly that my mother must have felt this way as well, for, after all, she took the trouble of saving the photo for all those years.

Having spent a few more moments lost in mine and my mother’s “Treasured Memories,” I flipped the album over and took a look at the back and saw the following my mother’s handwritten note in pencil:


Your socks are in the dryer.


I howled with laughter. So much for “Treasured Memories.”

The deal was that it was matter of my working mother, probably running out the door at some ridiculous hour of the morning to spend the next eight hours in a factory, who was unable to find a piece of paper and who wanted to leave a critical message to her still sleeping and potentially sockless, sixth-grader son.

I like to think that she somehow knows that she made my day today with the note she left me more than fifty years ago.

Treasured Memories, for sure.

October 10, 2010

Random Bursts from my Cruller.

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1. Have I mentioned lately how much I would like to slap the shit out of Bill Maher? I probably have said this on numerous occasions, but it bears repeating. He is one unfunny piece of shit.

2. Is there a band that is tighter than The Eagles? I doubt it. They can do it live and do it perfectly.

3. Not enough people know how fabulous Delbert McClinton is. Damned shame, that.

4. Oh, and after I was finished slapping the shit out of Bill Maher, I would love to rip off his arm and beat the dogshit out of Michael Moore with it.

5. When I see this shit, I’m glad I’m a member of the American Legion and not the VFW. Chuck Schumer? Are you shitting me?

6. Now that The House by the Parkway (South) has become the default location, I have been spending more time in the kitchen. I can happily report that “Cooking with Wine” has nothing to do with ingredients. Cheers!

7. Somehow Bruce Springsteen, the “brilliant” political philosopher, alleged poet and supposed singer (always sounds like he’s barfing) – has somehow found his way to my iPod. I will be consulting the owner’s manual to figure out how to delete his phony ass.

8. People still watch Jay Leno and David Letterman? WTF? I’d sooner watch grass grow.

9. I’d like this list to contain ten things, but I’m tired. So, that’s that.

October 7, 2010

Four Weeks.

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Via Moonbattery

October 5, 2010

Rescued by Break Dancing Stooges.

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I had intended to actually write a paragraph or two, but I got sidetracked by Life 101. I had swiped and saved this video from C&S for future use, knowing that a few of my buddies are fans of the Stooges. Thanks to Life 101, the future is now. The video is actually quite amusing, and it highlights how spry these guys were.


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