February 11, 2011

Da Shoit.

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Below are photos of a tee shirt that Eric created and gifted to me and others who attended the 2004 Blogmeet in Helen, Georgia. It was the first blogmeet I’d ever attended, and it truly was a memorable experience, which included my indulging in more than a little taste of Georgia “wine.” Great memories, right there. I blogged about the blogmeet and the cast of characters here, many of whom I have partied with somewhat regularly since 2004.

The shirt had been tucked away as a memento until a few weeks ago when I decided that it was high time that I wear it. I’ve been regularly sporting it around town, waiting to be besieged by autograph seekers.

The Front View of Da Shoit.

The Back of Da Shoit

The Back of Da Shoit (closer up)

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