August 25, 2011

Keeping an Eye on Irene.

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Here at the Jersey Shore, peeps are keeping a close eye on Irene. We, in southern Ocean County, appear to be pretty much in the bullseye. I understand that on Long Beach Island (a few miles from here) there will be mandatory evacuations tomorrow. I’ll be moving all potential flying stuff from the yard into the garage and then making a major liquor store run in anticipation of drinking by candlelight on Sunday.

It promises to be an interesting weekend.

I figure it must be me. Moved to the Jersey Shore where traditionally there hasn’t been much snow, and last winter I was up to my ass in the stuff. Then comes the farookin’ house-shaking earthquake and now, a few days later, a no-bullshit hurricane. WTF?

We’ve been advised to expect to lose power and cable.

I’m buying an extra bottle or two of bourbon.

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