January 16, 2012

One Afternoon in the White House.

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PRS Operatives learned of a recent discussion between the Department of Energy Secretary, Steven Chu and President Obama and, using proprietary technology, were able to record it.

Chu: Good afternoon, Mr. President.

Obama: (Not looking up from the Sports Section of the “Washington Post”). What is it Steve? I hope it’s important, because, as you can see, I’m very busy.

Chu: Yes, Mr. President; I’ll try to be brief.

Obama: (Still not looking up from the sports section) OK, get on with it.

Chu: Yes sir. I wanted to tell you about a request for a loan guarantee I just received for another green energy project.

Obama: (Turning pages)

Chu: Sir?

Obama: (Turning pages) I’m listening. Get to it.

Chu: Yes sir. The request comes from a gentleman named Elmer Krakus. He makes buggy whips in his garage. He has been doing so for about six months. Currently he manufactures one whip per day. Each whip sells for fifty dollars and so far he’s sold four whips. He feels certain that buggy whips will be big in the coming years, as the country moves away from fossil fuels, and he, therefore, wants to expand his facility. More specifically, he wants to build a 50,000 square feet state-of-the-art buggy whip factory, complete with energy efficient equipment. The project is expected to cost four-hundred million dollars. He went to his bank for a four-hundred million dollar loan, and the banker almost fell off the chair laughing.

Obama: (Still turning pages) And he wants me to approve a loan guarantee of four hundred million dollars?

Chu: Yes, sir. It is, after all, a green energy project, and he is very environmentally conscious. He recycles, keeps his thermostat low in the winter and uses only compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Obama: (Still reading newspaper) Four-hundred million for a buggy whip factory? Are you out of your mind? This is the urgent matter you interrupted my afternoon for?

Chu: There’s one more thing, sir.

Obama: (Still turning pages) Yes?

Chu: Mr. Krakus just contributed fifty-thousand dollars to your campaign and he bundled another fifty thousand from friends.

Obama: (Looking up from the newspaper). Dammit, Steve. Why didn’t you say that at the beginning? Of course we’ll guarantee the loan.

Chu: Thank you, sir. I’ll let him know.

Obama: (Returns to reading the sports section)

January 14, 2012

Everyone Sing Along!

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Should you be interested in what makes this guy so very happy, the translation is here.

Video shamelessly swiped from Coalition of the Swilling

January 13, 2012

Easy Money.

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The One has again asked Congress to increase the debt ceiling – this time by an additional $1.2 trillion. The previous debt ceiling of $15.2 trillion was exceeded nine days ago.

Clearly the administration’s incurring all this debt is “unpatriotic.” Those are his words, not mine.

I guess when it comes to vote-buying money, there’s just never enough.

He makes me sick.

January 11, 2012

The Name Game … Envelope, Please.

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As in past years, our Mostly Cajun friend regularly scours the “Births” section of the local Louisiana newspapers to see what people have been inflicting on naming their newborns. Each year, his readers get to vote on the “Name of the Year.” Here were the choices for 2011:

Makynle Joynce Renne
JaCeira LeiShi
KenDailyah dAriel
Javein Jovontaye
JaKyja SaMona
Phylahja Renee
NaMahnie Trenea
Nisar Demeare
Deonnie Darriele
Tanyria Lynae
DiAmon JaNai
Dzyiah DaShay
Kayleia Aurihanna
Cy’Ra Na’Sha, My’Ra Ja’Nai (twins)
Breezi Lei
Keyonnie Amayah LeShay
AlyJiah Andrellus
NaLainti Shanel Bethany

And the runaway winner was ….. [click]

You absolutely, positively cannot make this shit up.

January 9, 2012

Constitution Schmonstitution!

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Sunny hits another long ball.

Be sure to check out the House of Sunny.

January 8, 2012

Storage Wars.

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I don’t watch television all that much, but since having gotten the bigass TV, I find myself watching more TV than I had in the past. One of the shows I admit to watching with some regularity is Storage Wars. For those unfamiliar with the show, it involves a half-dozen or so fairly dislikeable people bidding to purchase the contents of storage lockers that have been abandoned by the people who stored their stuff in the locker. The potential bidders are given five minutes to stand outside the locker and look in to examine the contents prior to bidding. No stuff-touching allowed.

Each of the regular six characters has a distinct TV persona, and the bidding, not surprisingly, is spirited and often is accompanied by stated plans by one character or another to drive up the bidding so that one of the other characters has to pay more for the locker’s contents than the bid driver-upper thinks it’s worth. This often leads to stare-downs and open hostilities that are about as believable as professional wrestling.

Still, I watch it. Apparently millions of others do as well. The show has an average viewership of 2.8 million per episode. So I ask myself, ”Yo, Jimbo. Why do you and so many others watch this rather silly and highly staged nonsense?”

I don’t know about the rest of the 2.8 million, but for my part, I have often wondered just what the heck people store in those lockers, which are quite common in this area. Curiosity? Just plain nosiness? Not much difference between the two, I suppose, when it comes to watching someone rummaging around in someone else’s stuff.

There is also the allure of a “mystery box.”

Remember “Let’s Make a Deal” when the contestant would be asked, “Do you want one-thousand dollars in cash or what’s behind Door Number Three?” The audience would invariably scream at the contestant, to choose Door Number Three. Hell, I would take Door Number Three.

The show has caused me to wonder about a couple things:

When a locker is opened and it is a ungodly mess filled with lots of personal stuff, such as old clothing, old shoes and other real crap, I wonder if the person who rented the locker and who was the previous owner of the stuff happens to be watching and how he/she feels about the characters picking through his/her stuff in front of 2.8 million people.

Sometimes, one or more of the lockers contains stuff that is actually worth a lot of money, which presumably would come as a surprise to the person who originally stored the stuff, otherwise why would he/she abandon the locker knowing its contents would be auctioned off?

Holy shit, Mabel! Look at the TV! Remember that old _______ [fill in the blank] we put in that storage locker? It’s worth twenty-thousand dollars! It was your idea to stop paying the rent on the damned locker!

By contrast, I have also seen episodes where some of the contents of a locker are obviously quite valuable (e.g. jewelry, three all-terrain vehicles), causing me to wonder why the locker was abandoned. Owner died? (The terms of the contract undoubtedly bind the estate.) Owner in jail? Owner on the lam?

I’m obviously over-thinking all of this.

Oh, I also have been watching Pawn Stars and American Pickers.

I think I need an intervention.

January 7, 2012

Obama: The Mask is Off.

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Go read.

It’s November or never, Peeps.

via Doug Ross

January 6, 2012

I Blame Obama.

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Just sitting here thinking about what I might write that is even remotely humorous or interesting. Nothing is forthcoming. I think I know why. My cruller is pre-occupied with dealing with what seems to be the daily assaults on this country by the corrupt, lawless, arrogant, socialist bastard who currently occupies the White House.

One day it’s recess appointments (while Congress is not in recess), which flagrantly violate the Constitution, and the next day it’s making cuts to the military that will put us up Shit Creek should we have to quickly put lots of boots on the ground. Presumably, he’ll use the money he takes from the military to fund more bullshit “green” businesses that will return the favor by way of campaign contributions.

I know I’ve said it before, but if this rogue is given four more years in office, game over.

January 4, 2012

Now Hear This …

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The Drinking Lamp is lit at the House by the Parkway.

Good thing too, because it’s cold as hell tonight in the Garden State.

Lamp is a Christmas giftie from daughter and son-in-law

January 3, 2012

Memo to Iowa.

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Dear Iowa Caucus Peeps:

I don’t mean to be offensive, as I’m sure you are all very nice peeps. Having said that, I really don’t give a rat’s ass what your precious caucuses (cauci?) think about any farookin’ thing.

Very truly yours,

A Guy from Jersey

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