August 9, 2012

Nancy, the Haunted Louse.

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By now, many of you have probably read about Nancy Pelosi’s telling and re-telling the story about how, when visiting the George Bush White House, she heard the voice and felt the presence of Susan B. Anthony and other women historical figures. No, really.

PRS Operatives managed to obtain a recording of another of Nancy the dingbat’s voices.

Voice: Hey!

Nancy, the dingbat: Susan? Is that you?

Voice: No.

Nancy, the dingbat: Sojourner Truth? Elizabeth Cady Stanton? Lucretia Mott?

Voice: No!

Nancy, the dingbat: Who is speaking to me?

Voice: I’m your ass.

Nancy, the dingbat: My ass? What do you want?

Voice: Kindly remove your head. You’re killing me.

People actually voted for this mental case.

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