August 23, 2012


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Undecided? Bullshit!

I often read and hear about those who identify themselves as “undecided” with respect to the candidate they intend to vote for in November. Undecided? To me, that means that such people: (a) have not and are not paying attention; (b) are brain damaged , or (c) seek attention, viewing themselves as somehow above the fray.

I could understand someone being “undecided” if the differences between the candidates were substantively nuanced. Yeah, it used to happen. History tells us that the substantive differences between Richard Nixon and JFK were not that great (It really was an image thing – I was around then).

By contrast, the differences between the two candidates this year could hardly be more palpable. One candidate believes that big government central planning, along with massive spending and high taxes is the way to invigorate the economy, while the other urges smaller government, lower taxes (for everyone), respect for private property and reliance on the free market system as the road to recovery.

For my part, I’ll take Door Number Two, and I could not possibly disagree more with those who choose Door Number One. But, for those who, despite the gargantuan differences between the two candidates, still claim to be “undecided,” I suggest that you stay home on Election Day and let the grownups sort this out.

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