May 3, 2003

Weekend Time Waster. I

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Weekend Time Waster.
I admit it. I actually enjoyed playing a couple games of Battleships.
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I Took the Test…. Congratulations!

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I Took the Test….

You are a Slutertarian!
Congratulations! You’re a Slutertarian. You believe
in Democracy, Sexy, and Whiskey. And you really
mean it!

Are You A Slutertarian?
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Good Intentions.

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Good Intentions.
I had planned to write something last night, although I’m not sure exactly what. However, it was a long and busy week, so after having survived the customary Friday traffic mess, I decided to treat myself to a drink from one of the bottles of excellent single barrel bourbon my daughter and new son-in-law bought for me. (They also bought me a bottle of this and this. Nicely done!!) The one before dinner was so good, after dinner I enjoyed two more.

I was then ready to set about writing, but first, I thought, I would make myself comfortable in the recliner for “a half hour or so” while I thought about what I might write.

Six hours later, I awoke up in the middle of the night. So much for writing.

I needed that.

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