May 31, 2003

Blogspot Blues Redux. Now,

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Blogspot Blues Redux.
Now, a bunch of archives have vanished. I am too aggravated to mess with it now.

Blogspot Blues. I see that,

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Blogspot Blues.
I see that, at this moment, Blogspot is only publishing three days worth of posts and leaving large no-text expanses on the page. Sheesh!
Hey Google Guys!! Fix this crap, PLEASE!!!!!!

A Chip (or is it

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A Chip (or is it “Chipette”?) off the Old Block.
It warmed the cockles of my heart (albeit that I do not know anatomically where my heart’s “cockles” are) to see how “well” TJ tolerates certain sounds and to see that we have about the same amount of expertise at making high-tech hardware fixes.

That’s my girl!

Note: Because the permalink is not working, to read the actual May 30, 2003 post, you will have to scroll down to the entry entitled “The Sound & The Fury: My New Career as a Technical Consultant.” This annoyance is brought to you, courtesy of Blogspot.

Another Reading Suggestion. In

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Another Reading Suggestion.
In browsing through my referral logs a while ago, I came across Not Quite Tea and Crumpets. The author is an American-British hybrid (What’s not to like?), who has an interesting and often humorous take on things. Give it a look.

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