May 1, 2003

Shiite Liberalsâ„¢ Shiite Liberals. Who

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Shiite Liberalsâ„¢
Shiite Liberals. Who are they? They are the wackadoos who would place a linguistic burqua over textbooks by expunging words like “Founding Fathers” and “snowman” because they are sexist. (Try singing “Frosty the Snowperson.”)

They are the Hollywood dipshits who run their mouths at will, only to plead victimization when those who disagree also speak up or decide not to spend money on their Hollywares. Then they remove any doubt about their stupidity by claiming that all this amounts to a violation of their First Amendment Rights. When Tim Robbins is arrested for the dumb things he says, I will be among the first to take his side. Until then, he can blather on, but he’ll have to be prepared to take his lumps.

They are the hateful bastards who would happily support American troops if they would only shoot their officers.

They are the tiresome, pathetic boobs who prefer to remain in a dream world where Al Gore really won the presidency.

They are the ones who think Maureen Dowd and Hillary are just swell.

They are the ones who make my hair hurt.

Why Montana? Yesterday, I listed

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Why Montana?
Yesterday, I listed some of the nasties that we New Jersey drivers have to contend with, even though we don’t have to pump our own gas. Today, Craig, over at mtpolitics, answers the “Why Montana?” question by pointing to an excellent description of what it is like to be one of the everyday Jersey Road Warriors. Take a read through Susanna’s description of a leisurely drive in the Garden State, but be sure to fasten your seatbelt. Craig may have to pump his own gas, but maybe he’s got it right, and maybe he can teach Susanna and me how to work those damned pumps.

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