May 28, 2003

Good Idea Department. A colleague

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Good Idea Department.
A colleague passed this along to me the other day. I like the idea. Maybe you will too.

Since the Palestinians want a homeland and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to chop Israel up even smaller than it already is, here is a satisfactory solution: Let’s give France to the Palestinians! The French have already stated that nothing is worth fighting for. Besides, France has better irrigation and soil than the West Bank and Gaza strip. It’s perfect. The French won’t even fight back. And how about a new name for this Franco-Palestine?

How about Frankenstine?

10,000. Early this morning, at

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Early this morning, at 1:45 a.m. EDT, this place got its 10,000th visit. Number 10,000 was a reader in the Pacific Time Zone coming in via Color me amazed and most flattered. For some, 10,000 visits may be small change, but it knocks my socks off.

Thank you to all who, for one reason or another, stop by here. I suppose I should thank Master Sergeant John “Jack” Steele for a good deal of that traffic. Now, if Life 101 would just deliver unto me the island of time necessary to commit the next installment to “paper,” I would be able to thank him mo’ better.

Thanks again from the house by the Parkway.

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