September 7, 2003

Closing the Pool.

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Every year, on the weekend after Labor Day, the Usual Suspects gather at Ken and Kathy’s house to assist with the closing of the pool for the winter. This consists of draining off a few inches of water, (for reasons that Ken, the Anal Cruise Director, explains to me every year, but which remain beyond my understanding), giving the pool a final vacuuming, removing the hoses from the filter and heater (a new addition that spoiled us rotten this summer), and removing the steps (another new addition that makes entering and exiting the pool much easier, particularly when one is well-vodka’d). The final step in the process is installing the two pool covers that will remain in place until next spring.

It’s always a bit depressing to see the pool, the source of immeasurable summer enjoyment, covered with that unappealing black cover, as it truly marks the end of the summer. However, yesterday the Usual Suspects treated this depression with lots of vodka, good music pumped through the outdoor Bose speakers, tremendous amounts of food (yesterday purchased from a local Portuguese open pit charcoal grill), merciless teasing and endless laughs.

The day was also marked by Bill, the HAM, showing up with another outstanding cigar offering. Yesterday he treated us to some absolutely wonderful Ashtons. I saved, the band but lost is somewhere. However, I believe they were Ashton VSGs (the Sorcerer).

I am happy to report that the Never-Ending Horseshoe Pitching Competition continued. I am even happier to report that Ken, the Anal Cruise Director, and I whipped the Sorriest of Asses, Jeff (da Chef of da Future), and Artie three games to zilch. Let me repeat that. We whipped their asses three games to zilch. The trouncing they received is particularly sweet in view of the wiseass trash talking comments both of these losers made in response to my post about the Labor Day Party. It is abundantly obvious that these two don’t know the difference between horseshoes and horseshit.

If the weather holds, we may have another couple weeks of outdoor frivolity at K&K’s, only without the standing around in the comfortably heated water and drinking cocktails swimming.

I’m already looking forward to next summer.


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Yesterday’s 12 hour outage was brought to you (and me) courtesy of Blog*Spot.

More later, if the chicken wire and spit that holds Blog*Spot togerther doesn’t fail again.

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