September 27, 2003

The “Bush Regime” Deck of Cards.

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I’d hear about it, but this is the first time I saw the cards.

June 6, 1944. Maybe we should have found something better to to on that day.

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BBC Flash!

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Man dies after drilling hole in head with a power tool.

No shit.

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A New Place to Get Your Regular Helping of Side Salad.

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Jeff the proprietor of Side Salad has jumped from BlogSpot to a new address. Stop by to say hello.

Pretty soon, we BlogSpotters will be able to hold a convention in a phone booth!

There’s Something Happening There.

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I meant to link to this yesterday, but better late than never. Sgt. Hook as created another photo essay based on Buffalo Springfield’s song “For What it’s Worth.” Go look.

Get the gott-damned lead out. Let’s go. Let’s go. Double time!!!

Building Government From the Ground Up.

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We often hear, read, and speak of building a democracy-style government in Iraq, and yet I suspect that many of us really don’t know how that might best be done (I know that I don’t). I, therefore, urge to you to take a look at what Super G. has to say about the subject, because he is currently in Iraq working on the nuts and bolts of actually making government happen there.

His almost-daily posts provide the reader with a look at things in Iraq, unfiltered by news editors. For example, he reports on just how comfortably Iraqis are embracing capitalism. It seems that a local pizzeria has opened and is making deliveries.

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