September 30, 2003

Fish Tank Platform Shoes.

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Fish Tank Platform Shoes.
Yowza!! I’m putting these on my Christmas List. Size 101/2 EEE, please.

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Welcome Home, Finally, to Rest.

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The remains of Lt. Jack C. Rittichier, of Barberton, Ohio, the only U.S. Coast Guardsman listed as missing in action in the Vietnam War, were returned to his family in the United States. Lt. Rittichier’s remains were returned along with those of three other U.S. servicemen, who perished with Lt. Rittichier in June, 1968 when their helicopter received enemy fire and crashed while on a mission to rescue a downed pilot.

The other three men were Air Force Capt. Richard C. Yeend, Jr., of Mobile, Alabama.; Air Force Staff Sgt. Elmer L. Holden, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma., and Air Force Sgt. James D. Locker, of Sidney, Ohio.

Lt. Rittichier was serving with the U.S. Air Force on an exchange program at the time, and was piloting the aircraft, with Capt. Yeend serving as co-pilot. Sgts. Holden and Locker were members of the aircrew.

May they never be forgotten, and may they rest in peace.

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De Plan! De Plan!

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Roger at Curmudgeonly and Skeptical writes about a 2002 Democrat strategy memo laying out the tactics that should be employed by Democrats to undermine public confidence in the President.

Unnamed Democratic sources named Democratic National Committee chief Terry McAuliffe, former Clinton campaign strategist James Carville, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle and former House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt as party leaders who developed the talking-points memo.

The memo certainly bears their stink.

This Inspires Real Confidence.

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It seems that a quantity of explosive material (primasheet) used to train bomb-sniffing dogs at Newark Airport is missing. A spokesman for the New York, New Jersey Port Authority, the agency that operates Newark Airport, said that the material had been used on a plane for testing purposes, but that he believes that it “is highly unlikely it was left on the plane.”

A local television station described the quantity of missing explosives as one-half pound, but the Port Authority spokesman characterized it only as “a small amount.”

The police are on the case.

If this stuff is somewhere in the Airport, or on a plane (despite the spokesman’s optimistic assessment), one wonders why the already-trained bomb-sniffing dogs haven’t found it.


Comments Temporarily Down.

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As you may have noticed, the comments feature is not operatng. Blogspeak, the comments provider, advised us that this would be necessary to make some fixes. Naturally, I would prefer that not be the case, however, the users are notified when this kind of thig is necessary.

BlogSpot/Blogger could benefit from some “customer relations” lessons from Blogspeak.

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