September 20, 2003


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It’s about time that I move several blogs from my bookmarks onto the blogroll. For quite some time now, after I have run through my blogroll, I find myself looking through the many, many sites I have bookmarked in order to read the sites that are listed below. (That’s about as scientific as the blogroll selection process gets around here.) This will save me some time, and hopefully will point you to some great reading.

Without further ado, here are the new additions:

Jay Solo’s Verbosity: This one was long overdue, as I have been reading Jay’s stuff for a long time now. Sorry for the delay, Jay.

Sketches of Strain: David is a terrific writer. When I read his blog, I often find myself thinking, “I wish I had written that.”

TacJammer: This is a nice site, with interesting and varied content. I have come to know that Russ, the proprietor of the place, is a veteran of the Signal Intelligence Corps, formerly known as the Army Security Agency (the electronic spooks), and that, despite his extreme verticality (6’8”), he is neither a basketball player, nor a basketball fan. My kinda guy.

Bogieblog: Bogie blogs from New Hampshire, a truly beautiful state. She runs a friendly site that is always a welcome stop on my regular blog tour.

Arrrgh!!! I like Buffy’s style and choice of content. I’ve posted on things like manhole covers, pencils, swizzle sticks, and peanut butter, so someone who posts on “sink salads” and Post-it Notes, gets my attention.

Aimless: Amy has a nice, laid-back site, with pleasing content. I also like her site, because, even though she calls the site “Aimless,” her aim is dead on when it comes to finding pointing to other good places to visit in the blogosphere.

In Sheeps Clothing: This is a relatively new blog (as if mine is ancient). I like it, and it definitely deserves a wider readership. Check it out.

Sgt. Hook is Back.

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He’s back from training. He’s sweaty, dirty, tired and very proud of his comrades-in-arms. Go read.

Hey soldier, you waiting for a gott-damned engraved invitation? MOVE IT!

I Salute Them.

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For the first time ever, the soldiers who guard the Tomb of the Unknowns were granted permission to abandon their posts to take shelter during yesterday’s hurricane.

They refused.

Read about it at TacJammer.

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