December 6, 2003


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Just finished snow blowing from last night’s storm, and now today’s storm is here in full force. There is no denying that it is beautiful, but there is also no denying that snow blowing, shoveling, and trying to drive in the stuff is the pits.

I saw on the news that we might get as much as 18 inches of the stuff. I suppose for you Buffalo and Minnesota folks, this is child’s play, but when we get that much in the most densely populated state in the country, it makes getting around a major pain in the ass. Good thing it’s Saturday. I’ve done more than my fair shares rush hours in this kind of weather, and it certainly can be exhausting.

Update: I was just out with Ken, one of the Usual Suspects, (he loves to drive in this shit) to do a couple errands, and now you would never know that my driveway and sidewalk had been cleared a couple hours ago. Screw it. I’m gonna have a cocktail and chill out.

Update: Well, it appears that the snow has just about stopped, except for some flurries. Now, the blizzard-condition winds can just blow the stuff all over the place into mondo drifts. Tomorrow morning should be a real treat.

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