December 30, 2003

Famous TV/Movie Horses.

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Buried in the text of my December 26th post was a question about the name of Hopalong Cassidy’s horse. I got no takers. Now, I’m curious about how well you know your television/movie horses.

How many of the following horses can you name? No Googling. We’ll use the honor system. I’ll post the answers in the comments section.

Roy Rogers’ horse

Dale Evans’ horse

Wild Bill Hickok’s horse

Jingles’ (Wild Bill’s sidekick) horse

The Lone Ranger’s horse

Tonto’s horse

The Cisco Kid’s horse

Zorro’s horse

Gene Autry’s horse

Hopalong Cassidy’s horse

Give Sgt. Hook a Hand.

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Give Sgt. Hook a Hand.
His Site Meter has 49,000 plus hits, and he’d like to hit 50K before December 31st. So, head on over to Sgt. Hook’s site and help put him over the top.

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