December 8, 2003


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No blogging tonight, as I am off to this place to see Simon and Garfunkle in concert. I had seen them once before in concert in the 1980’s, and it was terrific. Truthfully, I am just as stoked, if not more so, to see these guys, who are the opening act.

It promises to be a great night of wonderful harmony from the big stage (vocally, anyway).

Update: The concert was absolutely fabulous. Simon and Garfunkle sang as well as they did thirty years ago, and they sang every song you would want to hear. Some tunes were done with just the two of them and Paul Simon’s guitar (which he plays beautifully), while others made full use of an ass-kicking band. At one point (I believe it was during “El Condor Pasa”), I heard a unique sound, and holy crap!! It was a theremin!

I was surprised to see that the Everly Brothers were not the opening act. There was no opening act. Rather, Simon and Garfunkle brought the Everly Brothers out about one third of the way through the performance. They were great. They completely captivated the audience when they sang “Let it be Me.” In fact, they were so good, and the crowd loved them so much, I cannot help but wonder if their appearance was intentionally limited to four tunes, lest they steal the show. They ended up singing “Bye Bye Love” with Simon and Garfunkle, and it worked very well.

If the tour will be anywhere near you, knock yourself out to get a ticket. You won’t be sorry.

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