December 7, 2003

2003 Weblog Awards.

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Kevin at Wizbang has done a tremendous amount of work setting up the 2003 Weblog Awards. I was most flattered to see that a really nice person nominated this site in the category of Marauding Marsupials and even more flattered to see that some people actually voted for the site. For you non-bloggers (e.g. friends of mine, who still call it a “blob), Marauding Marsupials is one of several classes of bloggers in the “blogosphere,” a system brilliantly concocted and maintained by N.Z. Bear, and which appears here.

So, make sure you visit Wizbang to cast your vote for your favorite blogs (there are lots of categories), and it would be really nice [shuffling feet, looking at the ground, with hands in pockets] if you would stop by the Marauding Marsupial category and vote for meeeeeeeeee!

Oh, and if you don’t feel like voting for me (you rat bastard), then vote the LeeAnn’s “The Cheese Stands Alone.” That’s whom I’d vote for, if I hadn’t already voted for meeeeeeeeeee.

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