April 1, 2004


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links.gifI’ve added three new sites to Da Blogroll. If you don’t read them already, you might want to check out the following:

road warrior rules for survival. Tammi is new to blogging, but I understand that she is not new to the blogosphere, having been a regular commenter on other blogs. Once she fired up a blog of her own, she hit the ground running. It has become one of my regular reads.

A Secular Franciscan Life. By my count, Randy will be the fifth Montana blogger on Da Blogroll. There must be something about that state that produces good bloggers. It must be all that clean air, which is something that I fear would make me lightheaded.

Protein Wisdom For me, Jeff’s site was a recent discovery and an instant hit. Good stuff there.

Button Drunk.

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While celebrating my having gorilla-stomped the farookin’ Evil Button, it occurred to me that I actually have buttons. I forgot I had them, because when I received them (from the person who designed my logo), I had no idea what I or anyone else would do with them.

So, freshly dusted off from the bowels of my C Drive (It makes me tingle to talk so technical), I give you DA BUTTONS.

Here is a brown one.

PRS Logo  Br 100.gif

And, here’s a white one (a backup, in case I ended up with a white blog).

PRS Logo Wh100.gif

Do with them what you will. I think they make excellent Easter presents or snappy lapel pins.

For my part, I just want to stare, in ore, at them.

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