April 25, 2004

Back in the Garden State.

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We left sunny and warm Hawaii at 5PM, Saturday, Hawaii time and arrived back in the chilly Garden State today (Sunday) at 8:30 Eastern Time. Have been waist-deep in laundry since then. I figure that I have been awake for something like 26 hours now.

Suffice it to say that it was a wonderful trip, about which I will have more to say when I have a chance to collect my thoughts and write them down without nodding off at the keyboard.

However, I wanted to write something, as it was the first time I saw how nasty my blog looks with no posts on it.

I’ll check in with y’all later, or possibly tomorrow after I have had a bit of sleep.

Oh, and thanks for all the good wishes. They must have worked because the trip was terrific.

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