April 27, 2004

Hangin’ Loose.

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Hang Loose.jpgThe Hawaii time change is still kicking my ass. However, returning to a heavy workload, getting too little sleep and having just now returned from an after-work retirement party (with a four-hour open bar) might also have something to do with my being too tired right now to write anything worth much of a damn.

This morning I noticed that I still am not hitting on all my cylinders when I pulled the car into the street and noticed, for the first time, that all the trees have leaves on them. When did that happen, and how did I miss it?

As further proof that I am about as together as a soup sandwich, I was caught in a particularly nasty traffic jam this morning (some chooch in a eighteen wheeler slammed the trailer into a too-low bridge, knocking a chunk out of the bridge and spilling his load all over the road – Thanks, Sparkie), and I damned near fell asleep in the car. I had to turn on Air America to produce an instant blood pressure spike in order to escape my drowsiness. Of course, one must be careful, when listening to that stuff, because even tiny doses of Air America can produce violent nausea.

So, now that I have made my half-baked excuses for failing to pony up any content to speak of, I think I will read a couple blogs, perhaps sprinkle around some lame comments, then head to the recliner and hang loose.

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