April 6, 2004

Soprano Sue.

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bada bing.jpgI’ve said it before. In New Jersey, we love The Sopranos. Just about all of us know real people who are not unlike some of the characters on the show (although none of the folks I know has ever talked about putting a guy’s head in a bowling bag). And the best part is that none of the characters speaks with an accent.

Most of us know the locations where the various scenes are shot (many of which are in the twon where I grew up), and all of the towns that are mentioned in each episode (e.g. Uncle Junior lives on Watsessing Avenue in Bloomfied). Quite simply, the show is pure Jersey. Phone calls while the program is on are not well received.

We do, however, have one fan who towers over the rest of us, and that is “Soprano Sue.” This super-Sopranos fan and has created a great website that is absolutely filled with Sopranos stuff, including a rundown on the filming locations in Jersey. Now, she is even running tours.

Yo! Go check it out.

Real Diversity.

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I love this country. At rock bottom, we are all Americans, and yet we are truly a diverse lot. To the average Jersey Guy, something like this just does not compute.

However, I’d love to see it.

My Flag for Fallujah.

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Falluja Flag.jpg

Thanks to Kate for the image and background info.

Smokin’ Joe.

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A couple months ago, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, the former ass-kicking heavyweight boxer, was arrested in Philadelphia and charged with assaulting the 44-year old mother of one of his sons. Ol’ Smokin’ Joe, is looking a little, well, … Smoked.

Maybe she kicked his ass.

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